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Do you ever intend to make a follow-up game to Oroboros? The way you wrote the ending seems to imply there will be an adventure after they escape. I know TLS is your main focus now, but is it ever a possibility for the future? Also, I just want to say I throroughly enjoy all of the games you have produced and I have purchased. 


Though I wouldn't entirely rule out a followup, I really didn't intend the ending to Ouroboros to be leading into a sequel. To me, the core story is the characters in their own world for millennia, with their lives back in the real world as a distant epilogue. That said, many fans have wanted to see their ending.

I'm glad you've enjoyed my work!

I just bought this game for android but it's a zip file how do install that? Changing the extension to apk doesnt work

Unfortunately, I haven't done this myself and can't really provide support! Everyone who has said they got the Android version working said that it was a huge pain, sorry.


Great game! Any plans on making a sequel? I can't help but feel like the ending left it open for a sequel.


Glad you enjoyed it! You're far from the only person to want a sequel, but I actually didn't intend that as a sequel hook.

Got the steam version of this. I like subtle changes as you progress in the game. Is there a CG gallery other that creating a CG save at the end? I would like to flip through the pretty pictures without the text in the way.

There's no other CG gallery, sorry.

Nevermind I found the image folder.

I don't know if i got the wrong file or what but what i have is an incomplete game that starts you of as the son of a blacksmith,(the son) who practices alchemy.

Hello. I'm afraid that doesn't sound like any game I've made - perhaps you could try the download again?

it downloaded correctly this time i have no idea where that other game came from, but it was titled ouroboros also

Weird - glad that took care of it!

the closest that i have come to finding that game is one called immutable

There's absolutely zero indication that this is a NSFW game until people hover over it or click on it.  I'd like to request the title/blurb include an 'NSFW' tag or something.  Thanks.


That's fair - I've added a NSFW to the title. Sorry if it was a negative experience.

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No negativity at all SierraLee; I appreciate the consideration of adding in the tag to the title.

I merely wanted to point out that there is was nothing in the title/description/blurb to warn others who may actually be offended by such material.  I know itch has an 'adult content' thing but that filter is pretty iffy (and already being discussed on how to improve it).  It is also useful for people who may not be aware of the filter in the first place.  I believe it is on by default but sometimes the application bugs out and randomly disables it for some reason (at least on my computer).

I'm not offended by hentai or other porn-y games.  At least all of the females featured in your work are adults (and look like adults) so zero issues there.  The requested change was more of a pre-emptive 'cant say we didnt warn you very obviously you silly person dont click this unless you want it' type of thing ;)

I figured out why the game is working on my Android device. Their is no .apk file, in the .zip file. Is there anyone you can reupload? Or send me the file?

I'm really sorry, but I can't guarantee support for Android devices - I created an Android version because the engine said it could export it and I try to support as many formats as I can. Some people claim they've gotten the game to work, but I don't know what they did.

Anyone know how to run the game on Android? I got the Android file but it's a zip file. 


So there is a Linux version ? I only ask for confirmation because the file that is downloaded for it is called

Sorry, but there isn't. I thought the Android version would work natively in Linux, but it only works for Linux users running emulation. I'd remove that version, but there's been continued interest in it.

Thanks for the clarification. Are there any plans to make a Linux version for Ouroboros ? If not will future games you make have a Linux version like Crimson gray did ?

I'll always make a Linux version if the engine I use for the game supports Linux. In practical terms, that means all my VNs will have one, but few of my RPGs will.


Fair enough. Thank you for the response !

With the last MV update, you should be able to provide a real Linux version now:

Please do, or please remove Linux from the list of supported platforms in the description, cause it's a bit confusing.

Game is awesome regardless.

I have had bad experiences with MV updates, but if this one actually supports Linux exporting, I may be convinced to upgrade. I will look into it, but for now, I've removed the mention of Linux from the game page. Sorry for the false advertising.

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Good game. It's best to go into it blind, but if you're really on the fence about buying it, you can find an extended demo for this on Newgrounds.

2 suggestions for the developer:

* Include a cheat to skip the first "cycle" of the game (for players coming from the free version)
* [EDIT: Fulfilled!] Make a Linux version as (mistakenly?) advertised


Great game that in many ways manages to turn the 4th wall into a window. Not only turning many of the classic fantasy tropes on their head, the game also manages to introduce many meta concepts as well that only add to the plausibility of the setting, giving the player a real look into the consequences of dealing with and moving on from the world the MCs are trapped within. The connections made and alluded to make the touching moments all the more impact and the times of needed laughter all the more lively.

It also makes some well hidden but decently set philosophical points about many issues both real and fantastical, one of the strongest being "what if one's life *really was* like a vidio game?...what would you do?" They answers to this question differ from character to character and really shine a light on how each one has adapted to the situation.

Buy this game, it is worth the play and the supporting of the author...and the ladies are cute too :p


it's a really cool game. and it also has a different plot/story! can you believe it?! XP it's funny, sad, sexy, fun, engaging, and romatic sometimes as well. it's really pretty interesting, and fun. if you like rpg elements with sex, and an original plot/story, then i'd try it. :)