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The Last Sovereign is an adult fantasy RPG that plunges you into the saga of a world torn between forces of lust and purity. As you enter the complex conflict, you forge a new path that will change the course of history!

...maybe. The thing is, acting like most heroes gets you killed, and most evil overlords' plans make no sense. The Last Sovereign is a game that twists your expectations for adult games, while fully embracing a reconstruction of some familiar old tropes to provide a lot of fun, sexy content. 

By telling a story that has sex as an integral component, The Last Sovereign offers a deep storyline that naturally includes sex scenes. No need to grind for hours or lose to every enemy to find the content. Not only will you adventure in a world where sex is a weapon, you'll build a harem of fully-realized characters with their own reasons for being with you... in and out of the bedroom.


  • Over 50 hours of gameplay.
  • Over 150 sex scenes, currently being illustrated.
  • Over 25 fully illustrated scenes, including over 62 images total.
  • Manage the differing opinions and priorities of 20+ harem members.
  • Invest in over 140 different assets that have an impact on the plot and provide returns as the story progresses (Chapter 1+).
  • Negotiate deals between kingdoms and organizations, shaping the course of nations and religions (Chapter 2+).
  • Upgrade and customize a home base (Chapter 4+).

TLS is offered for free thanks to supporters on Patreon and SubscribeStar.


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TLS 0.51.2 RTP.exe 523 MB
TLS 0.51.2.exe 374 MB


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Plan on making this game available on Steam?



Reviews there would be much appreciated!

So i guess you are not uploading versions of the game to itch anymore since the blogspot offers a higher version. (0.51.2) vs (0.57.3) (on date of posting).


Sorry, but I can't update every site every update. There's a steadily increasing overhead of time spend uploading, so I try to funnel people to my blog.




It would be useful to have the map in your key items. I keep losing track of which country is where.

I'll take that suggestion into account!

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Thank you. I'd also appreciate if there were higher-resolution maps posted somewhere on the internet, I've been using a clear map of Arclent as a background for my desktop so I have it easily accessible, but the maps of Thenours I've found online are blurry.

Thank you for making this game, I'm having a great time with the politics and economy.

On a similar note, I'd like to be able to access the libraries again, though getting access to the Stineford Academy library again might interfere with plot. There was a lot of info there and in the Yhlain church I couldn't understand in the beginning, and now I have the context and can't reread the texts.

I've put up higher resolution maps on occasion... I believe they should be available on the wiki, though I'm not completely sure:

Some of the library information should be available there as well, though I'll consider making it available somewhere else in the game. In any case, I'm glad you're enjoying it!

Is it a bug that Mestan can be talked to directly while he's busy at the Emerald Orgy?

I don't believe so.

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When i gry to "extract folder" to my folder (wow) with 18+ games i cant see anything new.

Teoreticly this extractor (?) Says TLS folder exist but i cant find it.

I have this problem everytime when i try to download sth from this app (?) (I mean this blue cube icon sth)

Plz help cause i cant Play in sooooo many games i want to :(((((

It sounds like RPG Maker games are somehow being placed in the wrong location for you, but it's impossible to know what's happening on your end. When you click the blue cube, you should get a window that lets you pick a file location. Have you tried various options there, like the desktop?

Are there any settings that can change the game to make the save files in English instead of Chinese?

I'm not sure what settings you're asking about, to be perfectly honest, but surely they'd be in Japanese. The engine was coded that way, but development has been entirely in English.

Hey are you going to make Android version of it

I'm afraid that the engine doesn't support it by default, and I can't maintain a port while the game is in active development.


oh okay thanks 


Hello,you can play the game on Android if you use "joiplay"

I've tried it, but it doesn't work. How did you make it work?


did you try extracting the files? Open in archive via zarchiver and then extract


yeah orilise even I don't know why there are 3 of you


Yeah, this is a cosmetic-only bug I introduced while fixing a trivial bug. It'll be fixed next time, and meanwhile no worries.


Oh my god, the rumors are true, she multiplied! Oh god what should we do?!? How can we tell which one is real?


I like it, but because there's no place to grind, if you make bad purchases or miss fights for exp, you can get stuck. I don't want to have to restart the whole game or play with one eye on the wiki the whole time.

It's probably possible to get stuck, but you might also be surprised what's possible. If you're not having fun with a fight, I'd suggest asking on the forum and people might be able to help you through it. I do try to test all fights with a minimum level party to keep balance within a certain band.

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So far i like your game very much, but sad you update here not so often. For now it is nearly a year compared to steam. In germany you can´t buy this kind of games on steam. so please often here, too.


For the newest updates, I'd encourage you to download the version from my blog, which doesn't require any program or framework:


Uploading in more places unfortunately slows down the whole process, but I intend to update the others eventually when we finish the second phase of the art.


Didn´t know about this. Thanks :)


I must say, after majority of what I have experienced here on itch. These old fashioned game graphics brings back memories of the best rpgs I have played roughly 25+ years ago. These are hard to come by, it's nice to see those who are capable of creating stuff like this. However, I must point out a small proof reading check. It's currently where I am within the story/game. It's when everyone has regrouped after being split apart. Yarra says "So, what all are we doing?". It should be "So, what are we all doing?". I've noticed there was others before as well, not many, but there was others. Also, the way Qum talks, whoever's idea was that. I must thank, made me laugh, which is hard to do it seems. It's just a shame I didn't come across this 1st before the other game that caught my attention to create a account to applaud.

My only question is, will there be more creations with such lengthy gameplay with a enriched story?

I only ask, since I am deciding to support someone and stop blowing thousands on mobile games each month. 

Thanks for the kind words! I've been working on TLS for a long time, so it's always nice to hear from people who enjoy it.

As it happens, I did mean Yarra's line as written: she's asking, "What different activities are we doing?" But the game is only relatively free of typos and grammar errors thanks to reader reports, so it's appreciated!

I don't update the version here every time, but TLS is still receiving regular updates. There was another one just today, as a matter of fact! I also work on other game projects, and though they're not as long as this multi-year project, I try to put the same care into all of them. For example, patrons will soon be able to play an early build of a full RPG called Once Ever After.

(3 edits) (+1)

Well here, I am someone who has installed countless games for mobile. All of which has been thru google-play. I normally spend 1,000-2,000 a month (sad but that's how gacha works). So, instead of throwing that much out to already established games. I have been thinking on doing such to those who are "in-process". But, I am also one of those who don't ask to be listed on some credit list, nor do I ask for much to be honest. Although, I might give food for thought from time to time(rarely). But only if a game catches my attention. As for the other game here on itch, it's Daughter of Essence, which was originally, what, made me to create a account to leave a comment on.

But, sadly, there is one sort of game I have on the PC which I love ever so much(which I will mention in a bit). Not only is it story rich, heavy grinding, crafting, dungeons, raids, custom character creation, different classes/jobs, open world, heavy mechanics, and most importantly, countless hours of gameplay to really hook a player on to the game. You are actually able to switch in-between each class/job. It's something the FF XI and FFXIV is popular for. I've yet to come across a game on here that is like that. Perhaps you could notion to be the 1st among the adult genre to do so? I haven't checked the non-adult genres completely, though. But I do believe I have checked at least 80% of what is on itch. There's been a few I have come across that just throws every skill together under a single character. But none have caught my eye under such terms. Since we all know every class/job in a rpg world has it's own strength and weakness. Being under a rpg maker, I can see it being possible, since it has been done before long ago. But, even then, not a single game I have come across here on itch has such of a aspect. I also, kid you not, if I come across someone who is willing or in the process of doing such. All my funding towards the games I currently play on mobile. Will in turn, be redirected to help ensure "said" game is completed.

I am, however, am happy to see you took what I originally said as the way you took it.

edit: I almost forgot, add a new tier and you'll gain another sub 😉 make it 100/mo for now at least till I get bored of Genshin Impact on mobile. Your 50/mo is too low for what I would give. But, do so in regards of making it the same as the 50/mo? Except with a saying "for those who wish to feel a little more generous." or something like that. 😊

Funny coincidence: I've actually employed the creator of Daughter of Essence to build some of the fancier-looking maps in TLS.

I've never worked much with open world games, and I can't promise anything with MMO-style mechanics. When it comes to class-switching, though, one of my upcoming projects might appeal. In Once Ever After, each character has one class unique to them, access to two or three major classes, and seven minor classes. Each class has different stats, but they also give "job points" used for skills, which you can then equip to any class. I think it has potential for the main game, but also lots of endgame optimization for players who want to fight the superbosses.

Regarding Patreon, you can put in any amount that you want, regardless of the tier you choose. If you want to support me that way, you could choose the $50 tier and input whatever you like.

(1 edit)

Perhaps you could check out the game Renryuu: Ascension. There's a instance in the lower levels of the Spire of Courage. In which a "raid" as is common in a MMO can found in a single player game and yet, possibly be tweaked and perhaps become even better? But, I guess I will have to check out this next game of yours as well, when able to, that is.

As for mechanics go though. There's a large variety of them. They go from dungeon crawling, to events, to boss fights. You have one that frustrated myself to a point that I had to look up the fight with Ginasta. That fight I tried to go all out offensive lol that was a fail.. (currently near the end of Zirantia, I think? Currently at the end of the 3rd ruin).  As for the open world concept goes though. DoE is one example to go outside of the more 3D aspect of some of the games on here(despite the 3D ones cause high fps issues, even on a high end gaming pc).

As for Patreon goes, you just might be the one I go for first. I was anticipating with going with the DoE creator since the perk of having someone's own custom character and custom room added?? It sounded very tempting to go with. Although, the character I would of chosen wouldn't fit that world at all. But, here in TLS? It would, especially with all the furries added to this game. But, then again the picture icon I chose to use would be a give away on what that would be.  😉

It's up to you whether or not you support. I've mentioned the elements of OEA that might be interesting to you, and I hope players will get a massive build for that this month, but I have enough on my plate before considering any expansions. None of my tiers include adding custom characters, sorry.

Deleted 18 days ago

These comments aren't regularly visited, so I'd recommend you ask or upload a save on the forum:


Deleted 18 days ago

Whens V 0.54.2 coming to itch ?

Sorry, I don't update the build here regularly. Getting it from here should be exactly the same as downloading it from my blog, though!

I´ll do just that then. Thanks for the qiuck reply. And an amazing game. :)

It would not play, so try to delete it nope would not do that, had go into it and unlock it and then I could delete all files. When you can not delete thing like this and you have to use your security software to do so, for me its a bit ????? side.   


This game is a fairly standard RPG Maker build, so there shouldn't be anything unusual about it. I'd suspect the file was locked by anti-virus software, perhaps. The only thing it needs permission to do is extract to a folder, then run from there.

(1 edit)

cant play , i play threw itch app for windows and when i press launch it just opens a window and ask for a extract location, when i select a folder it downloads and then closes right a way  i go to the file and it wont run the application. shame too it really pulled me in with the 50+ hours of gameplay

You're trying to play the game through an itch.io app? When you run the file you download, it will extract the game into its own folder. You should be able to run it from there, but it may not work through this app.

yeaa  i ma try straight from the site. i its an eazy manage of the files threw the app. im lazy

I've two problems.

1. Can't seem to find the exact location (mine) for the seed that Wendis mentioned has grown.

2. For the Hilstara's Request. I cant reach the Redlight Officer in Feroholm because of the guard that keeps stopping me on the path to tell me to stay out of the church.

Any help is appreciated coz I can't seem to find any solutions through the wiki.

Normally I'd like to help, but I'm pretty busy trying to finish an update for this weekend. If you ask on the wiki forum I'm sure you'd get customized responses:



No worries and thanks! Gotta put all that work in such a great VN!

(1 edit) (+2)

Love the game. Played for hours.  

Really have to think in some of the battles.

I feel like I'm gonna get yeeted for this, but how do I fullscreen the game?

F5 is the intended toggle for full screen mode, though you can also use Alt+Enter.

Ah, thanks


Here I am, searching for something completely unrelated, and I see The Last Sovereign here too! Thinking "Hey, I know that wonderful game, now I have yet another reason to hang around on itch.io!"  You want "porn with plot" this is THE GAME to have (maybe I'm mildly biased). 60+ hours, lots of humor, sexy scenes, Yarra's perversions, Qum's bubbly and quirky nature... (stops, don't want to come across as a crazed fanboy! 

So i tryed to play the game but i got a strange error. it says RPGVXAce RTP is required to play the game. i dont rly know what it means tho. didnt lose any files!

Download the version that has "RTP" in the title instead.

I feel sorry for overlooking that fact. sorry for bothering u. but thanks for the fast reply!


I was, actually, planning on quitting the game in the first ten minutes. Now, to summarise my experience: I'm very glad I did not.

The characters are gucci, the plot even more so. I did not expect to actually become this invested in it - given what it is, you know. The approach taken to each relationship is great. I think it could actually be best seen with Robin. Methodical, natural, and above all else, it makes sense. 

I mean sure, the playberbase would likely want to tap Sho, or one of the Elven queens - but as  much as I regret not being able to do so, I am that more glad for it. If you could, I recon, it would take from the overall experience. Masterfully done.

That said, the smut writing is easily the game's weakest point. I've actually found it to be quite lacking. Now, this might be intentional, as to not have the scenes accented (important as they might be). The descriptions were a bit lackluster, but I suppose that is also down to taste.

Overall, the game is a real gem. It is so good, in fact, that I would recommend it to my very Catholic neighbour - she should be turning 80 this year. Well, I hope at least. 

Not much of a review, but a sum of what I think! Also, since you seem to be replying to comments - I'll use the opportunity to ask: What are your plans with the game as it is? Do you plan going past Chapter 5? Do you see a point in time where you'd end the story? If so, what about a sequel? 

Thanks for making this!

Thanks for giving your thoughts about the game! I'm glad you enjoyed it in the end. ^-^

If you check my blog/Patreon, there's a roadmap some ways back, but I'll give the quick version. Chapter 5 is the last full chapter of the game, but there will be an epilogue, final challenges, and a postgame. When I've done everything I intended with TLS, it will reach its ending, and that ending will be definitive. I might do other projects in this world, but no true sequel.

Good luck with your octogenarian neighbor. =P

I picked this up on a whim and i was plesently surprised to find a proper Shin Megumi Tensai style jrpg here. I keep on thinking theres gonna be a SMT style recruiting mechachnic about to pop up somewhere

Haha, no SMT recruiting, but I'm glad you've enjoyed it!

Looking forward to this! Stumbled across Desecration of Wings on Nutaku and was shocked by the amount of gameplay and depth of plot and characters. Not their usual fare. I'm probably about to go on a SierraLee binge lol

Glad you enjoyed DoW! I do something a little different with each of my games, but I always care for my plot/characters, so I hope you find more to enjoy. ^-^

How to complete Robin's quest ?

Where can I find the last item?

For help on quest or strategy questions, you'll probably have better luck on the wiki:


Oh ok thanks

can you play as a female protagonist? 

The game has a fixed protagonist.

In version 0.50.2, I get an error in "Western Delgar Forest: Clearing" (very early on, just after Yarra joins my party) that prevents me from playing further:

Cache:106:in `initialize': failed to create bitmap, RGSSError
    from Cache:106:in `new'
    from Cache:106:in `normal_bitmap'
    from Cache:91:in `load_bitmap'
    from Cache:57:in `picture'
    from Sprite_Picture:43:in `update_bitmap'
    from Sprite_Picture:30:in `update'
    from Extra Picture Viewport:127:in `block in update_pictures'
    from Game_Pictures:26:in `block in each'
    from Game_Pictures:26:in `each'
    from Game_Pictures:26:in `each'
    from Extra Picture Viewport:125:in `update_pictures'
    from Spriteset_Map:184:in `update'
    from Fog:407:in `update'
    from Scene_Map:65:in `update'
    from Scene_Base:14:in `main'
    from SceneManager:23:in `run'
    from Main:8:in `block in <main>'

Looks like a bitmap is missing, but I'm not able to tell you which one. Please reach out if you need more info or my save game!

Thanks for reporting your bug with the error message! Unfortunately, I can't replicate this bug, so it's difficult to know what the issue might be. My first assumption is that your download might have gotten corrupted, Consider downloading a fresh copy, now or in a few hours when I upload the new version.

I downloaded the game through the Itch client. I did in fact try to redownload it, but lost my save in the process. Which was fine, I was only an hour in anyway.

In any case, version 0.51.2 does not have the crash anymore. 😁

Glad to hear there's no crash now! FYI, saves are really easy to move or backup: in the main folder, you'll see files like "Save01.rvdata2" that can be moved wherever you like.

That's great to know!
I was actually scrolling down looking for this info ^^
Ouroboros and Crimson Gray player here, I'm scared of long games but I think I'm going to try this, looks great.

Whats the difference between the RTP download and the normal one?


The RTP version will run on its own anywhere, while the normal one is a smaller file but requires having installed base RPG Maker.

Is this game not available for mac?

Mac isn't supported by the game engine, sorry.


You have personally gave me a reason to get me an itch account just so that I could say that as I first saw the Incubus King I may have gave him the Voice of Alucard from Helsing Abridged and now no other voice will do.


You may start this game for the lewds but you will stay enraptured from the intense lore  in depth character building. You will feel Simon's emotions as he struggles to make a better world while fighting the forces of both evil and those who proclaim to do the greater good.


Awesome to see you here on itch Sierra. Now I can keep better track of the updates

Thanks! Please rate the game to help it out.


Great moment to start (or restart) this game, now that it includes art during the Prologue and the Chapter 1.