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Lizzie has it all: a loving boyfriend, a beautiful collection of knives, and an intense desire to murder. She's escaped the conspiracy that forced her to kill in self-defense, but now she needs to adjust to normal college life.

All Lizzie wants is to act like a normal couple, graduate from university, and get married. But a committed relationship isn't enough to stabilize her, and she finds herself spending a lot of time with her knives.

This visual novels plunges you into the mind of a deeply unstable young woman, viewed entirely from her skewed perspective. Your task is to find a way for her to be a normal student, a supportive partner, and not a serial killer. This is a short visual novel with an emphasis on unreliable narration and subtle consequences of the player's actions.      

(Note: This game is a direct continuation of the story of Crimson Gray.)

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreVisual Novel
Tagscrimson-gray, deconstruction, depression, yandere


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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IS there NSFW? Im tryna see some titties bruh...

I loved your first game, Usually i dont finish Visual Novels but I got two endings i think, so good job, keep it up and I hope your well.

good shit bruh

Reading is good for you !!!! !!!


There are two NSFW scenes in this one, but they require having a positive relationship value between the two.


the game is fantastic i wish you make more games

especially crimson gray


LOVE THE GAME I hope it gets another game


The name of the other yandere girl got a chuckle out of me - I suppose many people would be familiar with it, it's much more infamous than it is common. I did enjoy getting to spend some more time with Lizzie (and John) even if this setup isn't quite as satisfying as the traditional yandere partner/adversary one. Even then, the game does a remarkable job of mimicking the way dealing with personal and/or inter-personal issues can suck away energy from everyone involved, whether or not they are aware of them - even simply playing gets you tired. I suppose I should consider myself lucky for managing to get the better endings on the first few playthroughs; I'm sure I missed a few of the bleaker ones though, so if you'll please excuse me...


I love that the game promotes honest communication. That's what we yell at people to do in media and in this game you avoid tragedy just by doing it.

Glad you liked that aspect! Pushing together over-the-top yandere tropes and honest communication was one of my big inspirations for Crimson Gray. ^-^


It's been 2 years now since I've played both games. And I've been wondering...

Be honest with me, will you make another game that connects to this story?


The honest answer is that I don't know. I'm still enthusiastic about my ideas for Lizzie and John's future, but I can't promise that I'll make further games.


Well, at least you're being honest. I appreciate it.


Please make the third installment I wanna know what happens next :(

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This game and the one before it are absolutely amazing! I felt so attached to both characters and I like how you described the afflictions of depression on a person. These games have moved me in a way that I’m not quite used too but is nonetheless good anyways. I know you probably get asked this a lot but I just have to know, are you planning on making another game following this storyline?


Thank you! It's always nice to hear from people who responded to what I tried to do with these two. ^-^

I have ideas for the rest of Lizzie and John's lives, but I don't know if I'll make games for them. Hearing from people who continue to enjoy them makes it more likely, though!


Than while it is late allow me to throw my praise onto the pile as well. I cannot begin to express to you just how truly gratifying your stories were so far, the few yandere game I played make it clear the yandere is the enemy, and the player is often railroaded into being antagonistic, or gets a game over if they try to reciprocate the feelings.
You do not do that, you allowed John to respond to her feelings positively, but do not simply do "do everything she asks=best ending" you make it clear she is still a flawed person and sometimes she needs pushback form John (the scene when you wait for her in the basement being the best example of this) and the fact you gave it any kind of sequel was excellent, the fact it's from lizzie's perspective gives it bonus points.

I hope you can get around someday to that third installment, cause it really would make a great story into an epic tale.

I appreciate it. ^-^ This series has sat quietly for a long time while I worked on other projects, but it's not impossible that I'd return to it! That balance of approaching the yandere trope you articulated is exactly what I was aiming to explore, and I think there's more to be done there.

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fun game no H-scenes like in the original but i really like it also i need a walkthrough BOTH OF MY CHILDREN MUST BE HAPPY WRRYYYYY


There actually are adult scenes, though they're harder to find. I believe there are guides available on Steam. I'm glad you're enjoying Lizzie and John's story. ^-^